Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tee Ball

Kadence started playing tee ball this week. It was so fun watching her. She did all the typical things you hear about first time teeball players doing...sitting down and playing in the grass or dirt, watching the ball roll right by or waving at family members instead of paying attention to the game. I loved every minute of it!Look how little she is compared to the others
Team huddle
Coach helping her bat. She hit the ball and both times ran after the ball instead of running to first base. It's alright...we'll get it next time.
Yep...that's my baby girl sitting and playing in the dirt :)
This was at practice a few days before the game. She loved to just stand on the bases.

So stinkin cute!!!


Cameron Braithwaite said...

She looks so teeny tiny in that helmet. ADORABLE!!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

That was from me not Cameron!

Jodi and Jason said...

oh that looks so fun! She's adorable. Where did you sign up for tee ball?

Brianne said...

so cute! We need to come watch her play, let me know the schedule :)

Ginny said...

oh me heck! she is so stinking cute in her little tee ball uniform! it just makes her look so grown up! but she is still so little :)

Moses Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! Oh my gosh, I can't wait for her next game!! :)